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Aug 9th, 2023

Is AI the key to unlock Fashion Circularity?

Ready to dive into the world of fashion circularity?


🎙️Meet your host Jaime and our guest today Carmen – your BFFs on this sustainable fashion journey. We're spilling the tea on how fashion circularity is changing the game. From the old "wear and toss" routine to the cool and conscious vibe of wearing, sharing, and reimagining.


🗣️ About our guest:

Carmen Jenny is the founder of CLOTHESfriends and Head of Partnerships at notus. As an entrepreneur, Carmen is committed to propelling the circular fashion industry forward and amplifying people’s voices. 

Jul 31st, 2023

From eCommerce to AI-commerce: Fashion's Paradigm Shift

How will AI shape the future of E-Commerce? 🛒

🎙️ Join Adrian and Jaime as they chat about the transition from conventional eCommerce to AI-Commerce, offering an exclusive look back at DeinDeal's golden days in the eCommerce arena and how AI is set to revolutionize the retail game. 


Discover the challenges, opportunities, and the visionary fusion of AI and fashion that promises to shape tomorrow's retail landscape.

🗣️ About our guest:
Adrian Locher is a serial entrepreneur, builder, and investor in Artificial Intelligence. He helped to build and scale a track record of 20+ companies. 

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