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looks ambassador program

Thank you for your interest in becoming a ✨Looks Ambassador✨

Looks is your AI wardrobe that helps you on a daily basis by discovering the perfect looks for you.
Our Ambassador Program is designed to help us spread the word about our app and empower fashion content creators to have fun and make their lives easier while sharing their love for fashion, inspiring others, and earning exclusive rewards.

Since the Internet is a wild place and we don’t know every one of our fashion ambassadors super personally, we’ve created some terms to set everyone’s expectations that you can find here. 

Sound like something you love? Leave here your email to be selected as a ✨Looks Ambassador✨

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Become an Ambassador!

Leave your information here and we'll get in contact with you ♥︎


📲 Early Access: Get exclusive access to new features, updates, and fashion trends before they are released to the general public.

Personalised Referral Code: Receive a unique referral code that you can share with your friends, followers, and fashion enthusiasts.


🏆 Special Rewards: Earn exciting rewards based on your performance, including discounts, free premium features, and even special ambassador-only events. 


👑 Recognition: Showcase your fashion expertise and creativity on our social media channels, website, and newsletters.


🫂 Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow ambassadors, industry experts, and fashion influencers to expand your network.

🚀 Grow with us: If your goal is to grow on different social media, Looks supports you by boosting your posts to a broader audience.

Read the full description of the program here.


🗣️ Spread the Word: Encourage your audience to download the app and experience the benefits of our creator-first fashion hub by making your participation explicit in the program by having @tryolooks tagged in your bio and using the hashtag #LooksAmbassador.


🎥 Create Engaging and Fun Content: Showcase your own virtual wardrobe, create stylish looks, and show the app's features through engaging and inspiring content. Use our unique affiliate links feature to showcase your favorite and must-have brands.


🏦 Own a European Bank Account: In order to be able to receive rewards and special compensation, you should hold a European bank account


💬 Bi-weekly Check-Ins: Participate in bi-weekly check-ins with our team to discuss your experiences, share ideas, and receive updates on upcoming initiatives.


💌 Stay Active: Maintain an active presence as a Looks Ambassador by regularly promoting the app, creating new content, and engaging with the community.

Read our content playbook to create engaging videos here.

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