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AI-powered immersive eCommerce

experiences for the next generation.


you have to be

Embrace the AI revolution or risk falling behind. In a post-ChatGPT world, consumers demand lightning-fast, seamless experiences—no more buttons, no more search filters. Partner with us to lead the way in AI-driven eCommerce and provide your customers with the future they crave.

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Bring products
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AI-powered immersive shopping experiences

makes buying irresistible

Increase add-to-cart

Virtual try-ons transform hesitation into excitement. They offer customers a vivid, personalised preview of how products will look on them, dramatically boosting their confidence to add more items to their cart and significantly impacting overall conversion rates.

Reduce returns

Guide customers towards more informed and suitable purchases. Virtual try-ons ensure products align with customers' personal style and existing collections, fostering satisfaction and reducing returns. This approach not only resonates with customer preferences but also supports environmental sustainability by minimizing unnecessary purchases and returns.

Build loyalty

Virtual try-ons create a magnetic shopping experience, locking in customer loyalty amidst a sea of similar products. This engaging tool keeps shoppers on your site, reducing the urge to explore competitors. It's a powerful strategy to transform casual browsers into devoted customers, elevating your brand as their preferred choice in a competitive market.


Fashion industry | Generative AI

GEn AI Fashion discovery

Product: "Looks Genie"

Stop imagining, start seeing! The Looks Genie is the first step towards the ultimate fashion discovery interface: seeing new clothes on yourself - any clothes. Using Generative AI coupled with our "back-tracing" approach we aim to scale virtual try-on without brand integrations. We first let consumers generate their desired look and we then find the right match.


you need entrepreneurs

Our team brings the unique mix of industry expertise and entrepreneurship track record needed to build the right solution fast and challenge the status quo in the competitive world of AI.

Ivan Zhuk

ML Research

Jaime Gomez

Strategy & Ops

Alexandra Konopelko


Mikita Krylou

ML Engineergin

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